Stewardship is Year Round Thanks Giving

During Sunday mornings in October and November, we will hear from several Stewardship witnesses, sharing the Good News of God's Abundant Blessings in the life of St. John's!

Stewardship is not about money, it is about our faith in action response to God's Abundant Blessings in our lives!  

Stewardship is truly "year round Thanks Giving." 

 Stewardship is about living our faith life together; 

  • it's a form of worship; 
  • it's a way we give thanks,
  •  it's a way we serve; 
  •  it's a way we bless others,
  •  it's a way we follow Jesus and share and use and dedicate our God given time, talent and treasure. 

The "money part" is about the church budget.  So yes, your pledge empowers the Vestry to create the budget for the coming year.  Like any household, we have bills to pay and commitments to meet, like electricity, heating and telephone/internet bills; but moreover we have ministries to support, including our staff, Christian education, Outreach and Mission, and the Diocese.  

Prayerfully consider your commitment and pledge for the upcoming year.