Pentecost Testimony

One of our members shared this during worship on Pentecost, June 4, 2017

Back in Ghana, I was part of the National Union of Anglican students (an organization consisting of the youth of the Episcopal churches in tertiary institutions). At the end of each semester, we go on evangelism missions to different regions in the country. Over 100 different languages are spoken in Ghana besides English and I can only speak one fluently. During one of our evangelical mission to the northern part of the country, a friend and I was paired and assigned a location to go preach to the people. Unfortunately for us, the first people we visited did not speak our language and to even make matters worse, they were Muslims. Our first instant was, omg how are we going to share the word of God with them because of the language barrier. My friend made it clear to me that she isn’t the one speaking so I had to think of what to do. The only thing that came in mind was for me to pray and ask the Holy Spirit to use me as a vessel and speak through me since I had no idea what to do. Out of no where, I was able to share the word of God with them in the language they understand. To my surprise, this people not only listened to what I had witnessed to them but also received Christ as their Lord and personal savior.

This experience was kind of a miracle to me because it taught me the power of the Holy Spirit and how it is willing to use any one who avails themselves. To me, it was a confirmation of what the disciples experienced during the day of Pentecost. It’s my prayer that, the Holy Spirit will visit each one of us on this day of Pentecost. Amen

Posted on June 5, 2017 .