St. John's Worship

The source and goal of all we do at St. John’s is our corporate worship, which draws us together as one.

On Sunday mornings we worship at 9:30 AM. We invite all who love to sing to join the choir at the piano for the Offertory hymn. The choir also sings an anthem on certain Sundays. Children join us for this service after the Peace.

After the morning services, a healing service is available in the Chapel for those who need special prayer. Those who wish to have prayers said for themselves or for another can meet at the kneeler in the Chapel after the final dismissal. All who wish to pray for healing over others are also invited.

Please see the Calendar Page for current services.

Special services occur throughout the year:

  • Christmas Eve - A special Children’s service draws eager crowds early in the evening and a later candlelight service leaves members wishing each other a Merry Christmas.
  • Epiphany - at times celebrated with a procession of all of our Church School in crowns carrying the kings and camels to the creche and was followed by a festive King's Cake party. Other years a solemn mid-week service with "Chalking of the Doors."
  • Holy Week Services - included every year are a Maundy Thursday Eucharist followed by a prayer vigil and services on Good Friday. An Easter vigil may take place at St. John's or jointly with another parish in the area, and Festive Celebration of the Resurrection on Easter morning.
  • Baccalaureate Service - may occur in late Spring when we recognize our graduating seniors with a special liturgy.
  • Rite 13 Celebration - special service for our young people moving into womanhood and manhood (part of our Journey to Adulthood program).

St. John's welcomes everyone to come forward to the altar rail during communion. All baptized persons regardless of age or denominational affiliation are welcome to receive Holy Communion. If you do not wish to receive communion, you are still invited to come forward to receive a blessing. It is the custom at St. John’s for children to begin to receive the Eucharist as soon as they are able to do so after they are baptized. First Holy Communion instruction is offered at age seven.

Our worship owes its beauty and depth to many groups within the church: Ushers, Greeters, Altar Guild, the Choir, Lectors, Intercessors, Acolytes and Chalice Bearers who contribute to a service, which actively involves the lay members of the congregation.

Baptisms are encouraged at the four main baptismal feasts in the church year – the Easter Vigil, Pentecost, All Saints Day and the Feast of the Baptism of Our Lord; however, it is usually possible to accommodate a family’s need for a specific date. Baptisms always take place during one of the main Sunday services.

As with most of the parishes in the Diocese of New York, there is a visit from a Bishop every two years. When a Bishop visits, it is an opportunity for Confirmation and Reception into the Episcopal Church after appropriate preparation.

Weddings are arranged by appointment with the rector, and require a course of pre-marital counseling.

For information about: Baptisms, Confirmation, Weddings, Funerals, and burial in the Resurrection Garden, please contact the church office at 845-634-3601 or email Mother Karen at